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Knowledge and understanding are powerful tools. We strive to be a trusted resource in our local communities for people impacted by dementia while being a guiding voice in the senior living industry through thought leadership and education.

01-15-2023 Bella Groves

Understanding Feelings of Caregiver Guilt

When caring for a person living with dementia, caregiver guilt is a common feeling that can arise. Care partners feel as though they aren’t doing enough to support their loved ones, or they feel selfish when they take time for themselves. Feelings like guilt, sadness, or anger can propel us to be the best we…
01-01-2023 Bella Groves

What Are the Stages of Dementia?

Dementia is a general term used to describe a variety of symptoms and different conditions that impact cognitive ability, including Alzheimer’s disease. While each form of dementia progresses in a unique, varied way, there are two general models used to describe the stages of dementia that occur throughout the process: The three-stage model The seven-stage…
12-15-2022 Bella Groves

Finding Support After a Dementia Diagnosis

When someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia, it can be an overwhelming experience and difficult to know where to turn next.  How do I handle care?  Will my friends understand and relate to the challenges that I’m facing? What sort of dementia resources and education should I be looking for? Finding support after…
12-01-2022 Bella Groves

Tips for Successful Communication with a Person Living with Dementia

Memory loss is often the most prevalent symptom of dementia, but dementia can also impact a person’s ability to understand what’s being communicated to them and be understood through their communication abilities. Because dementia affects the brain and cells within, this impacts cognitive ability. A person with dementia may not be able to think as…
11-15-2022 Bella Groves

Holiday Meals: Tips for Meal Preparation for a Person Living with Dementia

There’s nothing better than spending time with the people who matter the most to you while ringing in the season with a delicious meal. However, for a person living with dementia, cognitive and sensory changes can impact how they respond to food and pose challenges to their appetite. They might even find themselves not liking the…
11-01-2022 Bella Groves

What the Media Gets Wrong: Understanding Dementia Through Film

According to the World Health Organization, over 55 million people worldwide live with dementia. However, dementia still retains a stigma that draws from the unknown aspects of the condition.  It’s difficult to trace the origins of this stigma. Perhaps it stems from a fear of uncertainty since there is no known cure or progressive form…
10-15-2022 Bella Groves

How Coping with a Dementia Diagnosis Can Feel Like Grief

In 1969, Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross released her best-selling book, “On Death and Dying.” Although many medical strides had been made, and treatments had become commonplace, doctors during the 1960s were adamant about finding ways to stall death and disease diagnoses. They were rarely honest regarding bad news, often failing to tell patients that treatments…
10-01-2022 Bella Groves

Dementia and Sensory Changes

When a person is diagnosed with dementia, many questions can arise regarding the changes one can expect in personality, behavior, and even physically. Mostly, the effects of dementia tend to be associated with cognitive function – memory, judgment, communication, etc. While dementia does affect the entire brain over time, it’s essential to understand that as…
09-15-2022 Bella Groves

Dealing with Dementia: How To Handle Changes to Your Relationships

When someone you love is living with dementia, it can impact the dynamics of your family relationships. Conflicts can arise as your family faces changes to their roles and responsibilities, and navigating through these challenges can be difficult.  One of the most significant changes may be your relationship with the person living with dementia. For…
09-01-2022 Bella Groves

Explore the Positive Impact Music Can Have in Dementia Care

Music is a powerful thing. It can make us happy, provide us comfort, motivate us, or help us relax and sleep. It can transport us back in time, clear our minds, and boost our mood. There is a song for every emotion and occasion. And these benefits can impact anyone, including a person living with…
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