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Why Choose Bella Groves?

Creating a more joyful community for families impacted by dementia is our mission at Bella Groves.

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Dementia care is a collaborative care experience involving families, friends, and other community members. Our goal at Bella Groves is to provide residential care in San Antonio, Texas, awareness about dementia and memory loss, resources for education and growth, and joy for every member of the dementia care community.

Whether it’s dementia training, a support community, care coordination, or a residential care setting, Bella Groves has a service level for everyone affected by dementia.

Level 1
Learning Center
Learning Center
Level 2
Dementia Consulting
Dementia Consulting
Level 3
Residential Care
Residential Care

Dementia is extremely difficult for everyone. But, we promise you, you are not alone.

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Our first trees planted at Bella Groves have a special story behind them. We had been working with a family for several months preparing for their dad’s move to our home. They paid our standard deposit, and weeks before he was scheduled to move in, he passed away. As we contacted the family to offer our condolences and let them know we’d be processing a full refund, the family said, “we think you all earned that fee. Thank you for all you’re doing. Please plant a tree in our dad’s honor.” So - we did. A few trees, in fact. We had never experienced anything like that in our careers before. As a new, small business, every dollar counts, but we knew in our hearts that this was not revenue - it was a donation to honor their dad. So every cent went toward that end. We are grateful to be a part of this community and to serve families - our neighbors - affected by dementia. Like this beautiful tree, we hope our roots will grow slowly and strong - and be here for generations to come. #unconditionaljoy ...

Families considering a memory care community may rightfully feel hesitant about what it’ll be like for their loved ones to transition from living on their own to being around people all the time - especially other people living with dementia. “How will they cope?” “How will they socialize?” The negative connotations and imagery of nursing homes creep in. For some families, negative recent experiences of other senior communities remain fresh in their minds. The truth is, social isolation is a harsh reality for many seniors living at home. The loneliness epidemic is also about people who are always around others but feel alone and disconnected. Seniors in certain nursing home environments can feel even more lonely than at home. If you’ve ever been to a social gathering where you don’t know anyone there, you’ll understand the feeling people living with dementia might feel every day. But not here. The key to great care is knowing that “activities of daily living” a.k.a. “care tasks” are only a small part of what people living with dementia need. We call it “whole person vitality” in all of our internal training. Humans are socially resilient and inclined. When new neighbors feel like old friends, something special is happening! 💜 ...

Our housekeeping shelves sure have a lot more room these days! 🙂💜🫧 1 cleaner and 1 disinfectant instantly replaced 8 different (harmful/toxic or harsh chemical-based) cleaners that were in our dementia care community. And it eliminates the need for us to buy many others too.

Is it weird to have fun cleaning? 🤓

No contest at all on who wore it better. Some things never go out of style because we owe so much to THOSE WHO brought it into style in the first place! 💜 ...

A birthday fiesta, a welcome lunch, or just an ordinary day? Does it matter? We call it unconditional joy! ...

Mabel during very early morning rounds. ...

Our Latest Blogs

We strive to be a trusted resource in our local communities for people impacted by dementia and to be a guiding voice in the senior living industry through thought leadership and education.

10-01-2022 Bella Groves

Dementia and Sensory Changes

When a person is diagnosed with dementia, many questions can arise regarding the changes one can expect in personality, behavior, and even physically. Mostly, the effects of dementia tend to be associated with cognitive function – memory, judgment, communication, etc. While dementia does affect the entire brain over time, it’s essential to understand that as…
09-15-2022 Bella Groves

Dealing with Dementia: How To Handle Changes to Your Relationships

When someone you love is living with dementia, it can impact the dynamics of your family relationships. Conflicts can arise as your family faces changes to their roles and responsibilities, and navigating through these challenges can be difficult.  One of the most significant changes may be your relationship with the person living with dementia. For…