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Creating Unconditional Joy For Families Affected By Dementia

The founders of Bella Groves are local, Central Texas families who were compelled by their values to come together to form this company. We aren’t a large corporation with an office in another state; we are neighbors helping neighbors, the way a community should take care of itself.

James Lee is a seasoned career professional in the senior living industry. He’s the dreamer of the group, envisioning new and bold ways to help everyone affected by dementia. Aaron Castillo has personal ties to the vision of Bella Groves because of friends and family members who are impacted by dementia. He is the blend of head and heart when it comes to driving the business. And Dave Klivans has a personal mission to see more kindness in our world today, and he sees dementia care as a profound way to serve that mission both locally and globally. He is the moral compass of our group.

The thing we would want you to know about our founding story of Bella Groves is this – Bella Groves was born out of values not ambition. The first thing the three of us did to determine if we would go into business together wasn’t a financial study or an analysis of the business opportunity, it was a discussion of personal beliefs and values. It culminated in a workshop [pictured below] where we developed our shared values (now Bella Groves’ organizational values), our mission statement, and the vision of our work to serve others. Then, and only then, did we decide “yes, let’s do this together.”

Thank you for considering our humble efforts to serve your family. Dementia is difficult on everyone. We won’t always get things right, but we promise you, you are not alone in this journey. We’ll always strive to do right by you and the amazing human beings who choose this work. We’ll get through this the only way great struggles can be overcome – together.

With love,
James, Aaron, and Dave


Our mission at Bella Groves is to create a more joyful community for families impacted by dementia.

Meet The People Behind Bella Groves

At the heart of what we do are the people who make it happen. All of our Bella Groves team members have a personal connection to dementia and a passion for helping individuals and families navigate this chapter of their lives. If this sounds like you, we want to meet you.

Laura Munoz Executive Director
Laura Muñoz
Executive Director
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Kayla Dudley - Director of Dementia Programs
Kayla Dudley
Director of Dementia Programs
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James Lee
James Lee
Co-Founder & CEO
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Lora Williams
Lora Williams
Consulting Director of Health & Wellness
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We Are In This Together

Dementia care is a collaborative care experience. We work with families, friends, providers, and members of the greater San Antonio community to create joyful moments for all those affected by dementia.

Family Members And Friends

For family members and friends, the best way to support a person living with dementia is to be involved. Bella Groves will support you on ways to educate yourself on dementia, strengthen your dementia care skills and knowledge, and find ways to help your family along this journey.

Health Care Professionals

Bella Groves can help health care professionals bridge the gap between patient care and dementia knowledge by providing them with reliable care history and context of what is going on with their patients.

Larger San Antonio Area

We believe the larger San Antonio area has a responsibility to raise awareness about dementia, gather dementia resources for families going through this process, and ensure those living with dementia feel included, invited, and integral to the greater community.

Bella Groves Team

Finally, our Bella Groves team coordinates care to help people living with dementia feel connection and joy throughout their journey. We do this by curating dementia resources that educate families, friends, and members of the greater community on dementia care whether their loved ones live with us or at home.

Social Contract of Dementia Care

Driven by Our Values

People living with dementia should have every opportunity to remain active, engaged members of the larger communities in which they live. We design intentional enrichment programs that allow our residents to live with purpose and vitality.

From our hearts to yours. Here's to unconditional joy.

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