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Knowledge and understanding are powerful tools. We strive to be a trusted resource in our local communities for people impacted by dementia while being a guiding voice in the senior living industry through thought leadership and education.

11-15-2023 Bella Groves

How to Delegate Caregiver Tasks Amongst Siblings

Dementia care is a collaborative care experience. Family members, friends, and healthcare providers must work together to ensure a person living with dementia is safe, healthy, and happy. When it comes to a parent, feelings of resentment can quickly arise between siblings. One sibling might feel as though they’re taking on more responsibility, or another…
11-01-2023 Bella Groves

Preparing for a Loved One’s Move to a Memory Care Community

Transitioning someone you love to a memory care community is an emotional experience. You might feel uncertain about the journey ahead, and your loved one might be confused or agitated regarding this change.  “Even if you planned ahead with the person for a move, making this transition can be a stressful experience. You may feel…
10-15-2023 Bella Groves

How is Dementia Diagnosed?

It can be worrisome and uncertain when you notice Mom or Dad have sharted showing signs of forgetfulness, confusion, or other concerning behaviors. Age-related memory loss is common for many, but it can be difficult to gauge whether or not a person is experiencing this or demonstrating early dementia.  So, how is dementia diagnosed, and…
10-01-2023 Bella Groves

“I Want to Go Home:” Navigating Dementia & Responding to These Statements

As dementia progresses, the hippocampal region is one of the first areas affected – the part of the brain that orients us to our surroundings and keeps track of our timelines. As a result of this damage, a person living with dementia may experience difficulties remembering the timeline of their life, knowing where they are,…
09-15-2023 Bella Groves

Can a Person with Dementia Live Alone?

A dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of a person’s story. In fact, our mission at Bella Groves is to provide resources and support for individuals and families affected by dementia so they can continue to tell their stories and experience every moment with Unconditional Joy. However, we also know that receiving a dementia…
09-01-2023 Bella Groves

Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia

Parkinson’s disease is most known for its symptoms of mobility function, including tremors and slowed-down movement, but those diagnosed with Parkinson’s can also experience cognitive changes. In fact, almost half of those living with Parkinson’s will be affected by some form of cognitive impairment, specifically changes in memory and thinking skills. Because of this, Parkinson’s…
08-15-2023 Bella Groves

How to Help Someone with Early Dementia

Early dementia refers to the early stages of dementia following a diagnosis (not to be confused with early-onset dementia, which refers to a dementia diagnosis before the age of 65). If a parent or family member is living with early dementia, it’s crucial to pay attention to their social life, occupational situation, and other personal…
08-01-2023 Bella Groves

What to Expect When Caring for Someone with Dementia

Over 11 million people in the United States provide care for a person with a form of dementia. If someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia, you might be considering stepping into the role of a caregiver yourself. Caring for someone with dementia is a selfless act that comes with many achievements – and…
07-15-2023 Bella Groves

How to Tell Your Family You Are No Longer Able to Serve as a Dementia Caregiver

Caregiving takes many qualities – bravery, strength, patience, and kindness. Knowing you’re responsible for the well-being and happiness of someone you love can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, but it certainly isn’t a position for everyone. If you’ve been serving as the primary caregiver for a loved one living with dementia, you’re all too…
07-01-2023 Bella Groves

Anger and Dementia: Tips for Coping with Negativity

Getting into an argument or a heated discussion with a family member or friend is always difficult. Emotions tend to run high, people say things they don’t mean, and it can lead to everyone involved feeling upset and agitated. But what happens when a loved one with dementia expresses anger and negativity? Of course, in…
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