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Memory Care Options in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, USA downtown cityscape-Memory care options in San Antonio

At Bella Groves, our Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio is created to provide individuals and families with educational resources, consulting services, and a memory care community that meets their unique needs. We are here to meet you wherever you are on your journey with dementia and to show you that you never have to take this journey on your own.

Dementia is a progressive disease, and our dementia care services are designed to progress with you. So whether you are searching for answers to your dementia care questions or exploring memory care facilities in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, we are here to help you.

At Bella Groves, we offer three levels of service. This allows individuals and families to receive the appropriate level of Alzheimer’s care. In addition, as your memory care needs change, our service levels adapt, so you always receive the right level of care whenever you need it.

Level 1: Learning Center

If you are searching for memory care options in San Antonio, our team at Bella Groves has the educational resources and tools to help you.

Our interactive Learning Center is designed to build a robust community of individuals and families who have been impacted by dementia. With industry-leading educational tools and resources, we have the answers you are looking for and the support you need most.

Members of our Learning Center gain immediate access to our library of educational resources, training sessions, and instructional guides. Each informational tool is designed to help you fully understand dementia and memory care.

For a person living with dementia and seeking memory care in San Antonio, Texas, the Bella Groves Learning Center will help you better understand the symptoms and treatment options for dementia. We believe that no person living with dementia should go on their journey alone, and we are here to partner with you.

Professionals and local businesses in the San Antonio area also have the opportunity to learn how they can best support people living with dementia. Our Learning Center provides training customized to your business, allowing you to become an important community partner in the memory care journey.

Our Level 1 service also includes a supportive community for Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We regularly promote upcoming events, in-person and online support groups, social events and engagements, and memory care training. In addition, our support forum provides members the opportunity to share their stories, ask questions, and interact with others.

When it comes to memory care in San Antonio, Texas, Bella Groves is your trusted resource for training opportunities, community insight, and educational information.

Level 2: Dementia Navigator

We understand there are many valuable moments – and often challenging obstacles – when providing memory care. We are here to assist you on your journey with tools and strategies to help you provide exceptional care.

Millions of people worldwide live with dementia, and that number will only rise in the coming years. At Bella Groves, our mission is to provide you with a complete Alzheimer’s care resource no matter where you are on your dementia journey.

Our Level 2 Dementia Navigator services support families with expert guidance, meaningful resources, and direct communication from our experienced and compassionate team. You never have to go through this memory care journey alone.

Our Bella Groves team is here to support you and help you understand the nuances and progressions of dementia. Many elements go into providing exceptional dementia care. We can help you identify symptoms, teach you how to recognize and respond to changes in a person living with dementia and provide you with essential strategies for self-care – something that often goes unnoticed.

We offer two packages for Dementia Navigator services, so you will always have the right level of support for your situation.

The Support Package lets you speak with an expert Bella Groves Dementia Navigator, who can provide you with the necessary insight into your dementia care experience. We equip families with the tools and knowledge to continue providing safe and effective in-home dementia care.

Our Support Package also includes the following:

• Cognitive Assessment
• Nursing Assessment
• Care Plan
• Social Programs
• Monthly Consultation (Phone or In-Person) with Dementia Navigator
• Full Access to our Level 1 Learning Center

Some families providing memory care in San Antonio, Texas, may need more comprehensive support. For these situations, we provide our Manage Package. Members at this level receive all the help and support of the Support Package but with additional benefits, resources, and access to additional care opportunities.

In our Manage Package, our expert Bella Groves team helps you coordinate medical appointments and manage medications. We also provide dementia care consulting and coaching to help you learn and apply the latest techniques and strategies.

Members of our Manage Package also gain respite credits to use at our Bella Groves residential community, located just outside of San Antonio in Bulverde, Texas. In addition to this benefit, members can gain access to necessary care supplies. Our Manage Package includes all the benefits found below:

• Full Access to Support Package benefits
• Monthly Salon Credit
• Medication Management
• Medical Appointment Coordination
• Respite Credits

Level 3: Residential Care in Bulverde

There may come a time when in-home care is no longer a viable option. When this situation arises, you need to research dementia care communities you can trust. We created a community where people living with dementia can feel safe, valued, and loved. Our brand-new Bulverde community is the perfect place for our residents to call home.

Bella Groves is staffed by expert caregivers who deliver the best in memory care and compassionate support. With an unprecedented staffing ratio that allows our caregivers to provide thoughtful, personalized care – as well as a 13-week training program that far surpasses the 4-hour requirement of most memory care communities – Bella Groves is leading the way for memory care facilities in San Antonio.

We go above and beyond because that is what residents deserve. We have dedicated our lives to providing exceptional memory care, and we are eager to share with you everything that we can do for you and your family.

Bella Groves residents receive access to benefits designed to enhance their daily lives, maintain their dignity and confidence, and provide experiences of Unconditional Joy.

• 4-to-1 Staffing Ratio
• Daily Care Services
• Personalized Assessments & Care Plan
• Bella Groves Learning Center
• Three Meals A Day + Snacks
• Internet and Cable
• Life Enrichment Programs
• Dementia Coaching
• On-Site Salon Services

No matter where you are on your dementia care journey, Bella Groves is here to help you with the best memory care in San Antonio, Texas.


Dementia care is a collaborative care experience. We are here to help.

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