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Hand holding money with small house figure on top-How much does it cost to live at Bella Groves?

What Does Your Resident Cost Cover at Bella Groves?

Over six million Americans live with some form of dementia, each requiring hours of care and attention a day. This means that there are billions of hours spent on dementia care in the United States alone. If you translate these hours into money, the worldwide cost of dementia care is approximately one trillion dollars. If dementia care were a country, it would have the 17th largest economy in the world

While these statistics are astonishing on a large scale, it can be challenging for people to connect with such massive numbers from a personal position. To most, paying for dementia care means sitting down with a budget and crunching numbers until it makes financial sense to research dementia care homes. 

Bella Groves is a unique dementia care community in San Antonio by offering all-inclusive services and amenities to our residents but also taking it a step further by providing additional resources to residents, their families, and the local community.

Bella Groves Membership Levels

At Bella Groves, we understand that dementia care is a spectrum—not everybody needs full-time residential care right away. That’s why we’ve created a series of membership levels to cater to every unique situation a family might find themselves in. 

Knowledge*: Designed for families at the beginning of the dementia journey, this membership level will provide information and resources about dementia caregiving, educational articles, and training modules. Members will have access to this level for $20/month. 

Coaching*: Members of this level will have access to all educational tools in level one, as well as more personalized care guidance, including a dementia care coach, nursing care assessment, medication management, and more. This level will be offered for $1,500/month. 

Residence: Our full-time residential dementia care in San Antonio is where we can truly dive in and support families impacted by dementia. Residents receive round-the-clock care, dementia programming, meals, and other services to make life as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. The full-time residence membership will be $7,500-$8,500/month (price varies by apartment size and occupancy). 

*Coming Soon

What Exactly Does This Cost Cover? 

Most senior care communities are extremely close-mouthed about pricing, making prospective residents jump through hoops just to determine if a community is even close to being in their price range. In an industry that is not usually transparent, Bella Groves challenges the standards by posting our prices directly on our website. We want families to know immediately whether or not Bella Groves can be a community they consider. 

Other dementia care communities in San Antonio range in price from $4,000 to $6,000 as a base rate, which includes rent, utilities, meals, activities, and pretty much everything not related to care. Traditionally, care costs are added separately either by an a la carte menu or a levels-of-care system. Through either route, care costs can range from $200 to $2,500 per month.  When you take in all considerations, the total range of pricing for dementia care is quite wide, $4,000 to upwards of $8,500 in a few cases.

As you research other places, you’ll quickly become frustrated by what is covered and what isn’t. What is the cost now, and what will it be later? You’ll be told that “everyone’s care and situation is different, so your cost can only be given after an assessment.” 

We are committed to being transparent all the ways we support families, and that includes pricing. At first glance, the pricing you’ll find for Bella Groves may seem high but primarily because you won’t have a basis of comparison due to the lack of pricing transparency elsewhere. Once you learn what our pricing includes and how it can drastically improve the lives of those with dementia, you’ll understand how Bella Groves is structured differently.

To begin, Bella Groves costs include the same as the majority of other dementia care homes, including: 

  • Regularly scheduled housekeeping and laundry services 
  • Maintenance, repairs, and apartment upkeep
  • Dining services, including alternatives for dietary and health restrictions 
  • Transportation services (requires a family member to be present)

In addition, this cost will cover all personalized care services, including:

  • Round-the-clock care and supervision by professional caregivers 
  • Medication management and administration 
  • Assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, transferring, and mobility 
  • Varying care levels based on needs and abilities 

Residents’ monthly costs will also include intentionally designed dementia programming to encourage growth, wellness, and confidence. These programs include: 

  • Daily activities to support comprehensive enrichment 
  • Fitness programs designed for all skill levels and monitored by professionals
  • Socialization activities for engagement, connection, and fun 
  • Activities and games to foster cognitive stimulation

Most importantly, it isn’t just that our costs are in the normal range of the market. Vastly more impactful to you is how the dollars invested with us go further toward your loved one’s care.  Here’s where your dollars DON’T GO that other companies fund through their monthly rent:

  • Corporate offices and perks such as travel and accommodation to industry events. (Our owners pay out of pocket when they attend those functions.)
  • Many, many layers of regional, divisional, and corporate roles that you’ll never meet at other companies. (We are a small business with local owners)
  • Community Fees that are explained as “cost of doing business” or “cost to prepare the community for your loved one.” (We don’t charge these fees.)
  • High referral fees to national placement agencies. (We don’t have those national contracts and don’t intend to have them.)

More Than Just Care 

Beyond what we do, you are investing in how we do it. Every member of our leadership team has worked for other companies, and we know that not all budgets are created equal. Here are just a few ways your money is invested differently toward residents at Bella Groves as compared to other local senior care organizations:

  • 3-4x higher budget for Resident Programs and Activities
  • 25%-40% higher budget for Food
  • One caregiver to four resident ratios compared to a range anywhere from one to 5-12+ residents in dementia care
  • Investments in technology to better understand resident needs (data)

Furthermore, Bella Groves focuses on being as all-inclusive as possible, including some of the extra costs that are not included in typical memory care communities. Some of those costs include salon services, access to resources on dementia, and education on caring for a person living with dementia. 

Giving Back to San Antonio

Bella Groves is consistently feeling supported by our local San Antonio community, and we want to do all that we can to support them back. Part of our team will be focused on providing educational training to the local community to better serve those living with dementia so they can continue to be a part of the community. 

We will also be designating a certain percentage of our profits to be used as charitable donations back to the local community. In all that we do, we are turning San Antonio into a true dementia safe haven

Immersive Dementia Care 

We realize that the cost of residential dementia care can be high and set off alarm bells. However, when you consider the level of service, the amount of care, and the unique dedication and compassion offered at Bella Groves, it will just make sense. Our team is dedicated to pricing that is:

  • Transparent: Our costs are in line with the market range. You just won’t be able to easily find others’ pricing like you can with us.
  • Stays Local: Your dollars don’t go toward corporate overhead, perks, organizational levels, and unexplained fees like they do with other organizations.
  • Predictable: Your costs don’t go up and down with care. You’ll get what you get now and always.
  • Invested Toward Care: Your dollars go further at Bella Groves for things that matter to you: care, activities, food, staffing, and technology.

To learn more about Bella Groves’ pricing structure, our stand-out care, and our commitment to a dementia-friendly world, visit our website

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