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How to Make a Loved One’s Memory Care Apartment Feel Like Home

When you’ve made the decision to move a loved one to a memory care community, it can be hard to know what to do to help ease the transition. Any move can come with challenges, but it’s essential that your loved one feels supported at every step. 

One of the simplest ways to help them feel more at ease in their new community is to help them decorate their new living space. Nothing says “Home Sweet Home” like the unique, personal touches that our home environments bring into our lives, and adding special memories can help make their memory care apartment in San Antonio feel more welcoming, comfortable, and familiar.

Bella Groves aims to create a joyful community for individuals and families impacted by dementia. We know a resident’s apartment or room is their sanctuary and should feel as such. Below, our team shares some ways to make your loved one’s memory care apartment feel like home.

Familiar Decorations

Depending on your loved one’s current living arrangement, downsizing may be necessary before moving to a memory care community. During that process, set aside the items, pieces of furniture, and mementos that are the most special to your loved one. Whether it’s photographs of family, collectibles they’ve gathered over the years, or their favorite chair, these are the familiar items that should fill their new space.

If possible, try to set up furniture and other decor in a familiar arrangement in their memory care apartment. Not only does this continue the sense of familiarity, but it can help mimic their past routines and avoid confusion or frustration. 

Keep Things Simple

While familiar furniture and mementos can help create a home-like environment for a person living with dementia, it’s also important to keep things simple and be sure to double-check your loved one’s floor plan and confirm measurements during the packing process. 

Bringing as much furniture and decor as possible from your loved one’s previous home might be tempting, but too many objects can become overwhelming and cluttered. For instance, a person living with dementia can get overstimulated when having too many things to look at, so instead of creating a wall with dozens of photos in their new space, pick and display only a few that evoke the most joy.

If you shop for new items for your loved one’s memory care apartment, try to find decorations that also have functional purposes. For example, a wreath or a sign to place on their apartment door can add a touch of personalization and help them associate it with their space.

Engage All Their Sense

Incorporating a variety of sensory experiences into your loved one’s memory care apartment in San Antonio can add comfort and engagement. For example, essential oils, such as lavender, can relieve stress and anxiety, while a white noise or sound machine can reduce agitation and promote focus.

In addition, include safe items with interesting textures, like a fuzzy pillow. You should work with the team members of the memory care community to ensure you’re adhering to their guidelines about what can be included in residents’ rooms. 

Be Mindful of Lighting

Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience states, “Exposure to light has been reported to activate the synthesis of serotonin in yeast extractions, suggesting a direct relationship between sunshine and the production of serotonin.”

Beyond producing more “feel good” hormones, natural light can help connect people living with dementia to their circadian rhythms, keep their bodies on a regular schedule, and ease some of the effects of sundowning. As a result, avoid hanging heavy curtains in your loved one’s room that will block sunlight.

Bella Groves is Ready to Welcome You Home 

We developed Bella Groves to be the kind of place we want our own family members to live, which is why our commitment to creating a home is so important to us. Tucked in a scenic ranch area just north of San Antonio, our residents get the best of the best when it comes to residential memory care. 

If you have questions about your dementia care journey, we invite you to call us at (830) 323-0440 or email us at

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