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Dementia Care Serving Families in Timberwood Park, Texas

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At Bella Groves, we believe that dementia care is a collaborative care experience, and no one should feel like they are navigating dementia alone. We provide dementia care and support for families in Bulverde, Timberwood Park, and the greater San Antonio area, meeting a person living with dementia and their family wherever they are in their memory care journey.

From educational resources to consulting services to a full-time residential memory care community, Bella Groves’ services are designed to progress with you and your family.

Whether you are searching for a community to help you answer your most pressing questions or require a permanent, live-in residence, we are here to help you. This allows individuals and families in Timberwood Park and beyond to receive the appropriate level of dementia care. In addition, as your memory care needs change, our service levels adapt, so you never have to navigate your dementia journey alone.

Level 1: Learning Center

Our team at Bella Groves has the educational resources and tools to help you better understand dementia and memory care. Our interactive Learning Center is designed to educate individuals and families while building a supportive community of people throughout Timberwood Park and beyond who have been impacted by dementia.

Within our dynamic Learning Center, members gain access to a robust library of educational resources, training sessions, and instructional guides that will help you fully understand dementia care.

We also provide exclusive opportunities for professionals and local businesses in the Timberwood Park area to learn how they can best support people living with dementia. Our Learning Center provides training and resources that can be customized to fit your business needs, allowing you to become an advocate for those living with dementia.

In addition to our in-depth education materials, our Level 1 service includes a supportive community of people impacted by dementia in Timberwood Park and the surrounding areas. We routinely share information about upcoming events, including in-person and online support groups, social events and engagements, and memory care training.

Members of our Learning Center are notified whenever in-person or online support groups are available in their area. In addition, our dynamic forum allows members to share their stories, ask questions, and interact with others.

When it comes to dementia care and education in the greater Timberwood Park area, Bella Groves is your trusted resource for expert-level training and valuable educational tools.

Level 2: Dementia Navigator

Although millions of people live with dementia worldwide – a number that is expected to double by 2050 – many family caregivers still feel isolated and overwhelmed by dementia care.

Bella Groves recognizes that one of the greatest challenges caregivers face when providing dementia care is knowing where to seek help. Beyond articles and support, our Dementia Navigator services offer hands-on tools and strategies needed to provide exceptional care to a person living with dementia.

We support families with guidance based on years of dementia expertise and training. In addition, we provide meaningful resources and direct communication from our experienced and compassionate team.

Bella Groves Dementia Navigator services support families in Bulverde, Timberwood Park, and the greater San Antonio area by sharing expert guidance and helping them understand the nuances and progressions of dementia. These Dementia Navigator services are offered in two packages to provide the appropriate level of support for your family’s unique needs.

The Support Package is best for families who need additional guidance and support as they provide in-home dementia care. Within our Support Package, you can speak with an expert Bella Groves Dementia Navigator, who can provide you with the necessary insight into the symptoms, changes, and strategies that fit your dementia care experience. The goal of the Support Package is to equip families with the tools and knowledge they need to continue providing in-home dementia care.

Our Support Package also includes the following:

• Cognitive Assessment
• Nursing Assessment
• Care Plan
• Social Programs
• Monthly Consultation (Phone or In-Person) with Dementia Navigator
• Full Access to our Level 1 Learning Center

Our Manage Package offers more comprehensive support to families in Bulverde, Timberwood Park, and the greater San Antonio area. Members at this level receive all the help and support of the Support Package but are also given assistance to coordinate medical appointments and manage medications.

Members of our Manage Package also gain respite credits to use at our Bulverde memory care community, just north of Timberwood Park, as well as access to necessary dementia care supplies. Our Manage Package includes all the benefits found below:

• Full Access to Support Package benefits
• Monthly Salon Credit
• Medication Management
• Medical Appointment Coordination
• Respite Credits

Level 3: Dementia Care Community Near Timberwood Park

At Bella Groves, we understand that there may come a time when in-home memory care is no longer a viable option. When this situation arises, you need to find a dementia care residence that you can trust. That is why we created a community where people living with dementia can feel safe, secure, and loved. Our brand-new ranch-style memory care residence, just north of Timberwood Park, is the kind of place we would want our own family members to live.

Our Bella Groves community includes care partners who deliver the best support and compassionate care available. Our staffing ratio is unparalleled in dementia care, and our expert team is taken through a 13-week orientation program – dramatically exceeding the 4-hour requirement at most memory care communities.

We go above and beyond because that is what we have been called to do. We are committed to delivering the best experience for your family.

In addition, Bella Groves residents receive access to benefits and features designed to enhance their daily lives, maintain their autonomy and independence, and provide experiences of Unconditional Joy.

• 4-to-1 Staffing Ratio
• Daily Care Services
• Personalized Assessments & Care Plan
• Bella Groves Learning Center
• Three Meals A Day + Snacks
• Internet and Cable
• Life Enrichment Programs
• Dementia Coaching
• On-Site Salon Services


Dementia care is a collaborative care experience. We are here to help.

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