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Dementia Care Serving Families in Spring Branch, Texas

Exterior-Bella Groves, dementia care community in Bulverde, Texas

At Bella Groves, we know that successful dementia care enables a person living with dementia to experience the highest quality of life through every stage of their journey. Our dementia care services proudly support families in Bulverde, Spring Branch, and the surrounding Texas areas. We meet a person living with dementia wherever they are in the process and provide both them and their families with education, resources, and a community that meets their needs.

Because dementia progresses, our services have been developed to progress with you. Whether you are just beginning your journey with dementia and need education and support, are searching for a community to help you answer your most pressing questions, or require more hands-on, long-term care, we are here to help.

At Bella Groves, we offer three levels of service. This allows individuals and families in Bulverde, Spring Branch, and the surrounding Texas areas to receive the appropriate level of dementia care. In addition, as your care needs change, our service levels adapt, so you never have to proceed on your dementia journey alone.

Level 1: Learning Center

For those at the beginning of their dementia care journey, our highly trained and passionate team at Bella Groves has created educational resources and tools to help you move forward following a diagnosis.

Our Level 1 service includes an interactive Learning Center designed to educate individuals and families and create a thoughtful, supportive community of families, friends, and professionals who have been impacted by dementia.

Within our dynamic Learning Center, members gain access to educational articles and resources, robust training modules, and instructional guides to help you understand dementia more fully. As a result, members of our Level 1 service receive the tools they need to maintain joyful and loving connections with their loved ones at every stage of their journey with dementia.

For a person living with dementia and seeking memory care options in the Spring Branch, Texas, area, the Bella Groves Learning Center will help you better understand your diagnosis and the most common symptoms and treatment options.

For professionals and local businesses in the Spring Branch area who want to learn more about creating a safe space for people living with dementia, our Learning Center provides essential training and resources that can be customized to fit your specific needs. We believe every business can benefit by learning more about dementia care, so if you are interested, we can help you.

In addition to the many valuable resources we offer, one of the most important and useful elements of our Level 1 service is a kind and supportive community of people experiencing dementia care in Spring Branch and the surrounding Texas areas. We routinely share information about upcoming events, including memory care training opportunities, support groups, and social engagements, providing individuals and families with many different activities to choose from.

Members of our Learning Center are notified whenever in-person or online support groups are available in their area. We also host an active forum where members can share their stories, ask questions, and interact with other members.

When it comes to memory care options in the greater Spring Branch area, Bella Groves is your trusted resource for educational tools, resources, and a supportive community.

Level 2: Dementia Navigator

If you provide care for a person living with dementia, we understand the joys and challenges you may be experiencing. As your trusted partner in dementia care and support, Bella Groves offers the tools and strategies for delivering the next level of care to a person living with dementia.

One of the most significant challenges facing families providing personal memory care to a family member is knowing where to turn for help. Although millions of people live with dementia worldwide, there is a lack of meaningful support available in many cases.

At Bella Groves, we are on a mission to change that. Our Level 2 Dementia Navigator services support families with years of dementia expertise and training, helpful resources, and direct communication from our experienced and compassionate team. We want you to know that you never have to go through this memory care journey alone. We will be with you every step of the way.

You can rely on our team at Bella Groves to support you with expert guidance, helping you understand the nuances of dementia and its progression. We help you identify common (and unexpected) symptoms, teach you how to recognize and validate the feelings and emotions of a person living with dementia and provide you with strategies to reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. We believe that you and your loved one can experience unconditional joy in your dementia journey, and we can show you how.

Our Dementia Navigator services are broken out into two packages, providing you with the appropriate level of support for your unique situation.

The Support Package is best for families who need additional guidance and support as they provide care for a family member or loved one. Within our Support Package, you can speak with a Bella Groves Dementia Navigator – a dementia care specialist who can provide you with the necessary insight into daily events and experiences. The goal of the Support Package is to equip families with the tools and information they need to continue providing in-home dementia care in Spring Branch and the surrounding areas.

Our Support Package also includes the following:

• Cognitive Assessment
• Nursing Assessment
• Care Plan
• Social Programs
• Monthly Consultation (Phone or In-Person) with Dementia Navigator
• Full Access to our Level 1 Learning Center

At Bella Groves, we recognize that some families providing memory care in Spring Branch and beyond may need more comprehensive support. For these situations, we provide our full Manage Package. Members at this level receive all the help and support of the Support Package but with additional resources and assistance.

In the Manage Package, we help families coordinate medical appointments and manage medications. We also provide in-home dementia care consulting and coaching to help you learn new dementia care strategies and skills.

Members of our Manage Package also gain respite credits at our memory care residence, as well as ordering access to necessary dementia care supplies. Our Manage Package includes all the benefits found below:

• Full Access to Support Package benefits
• Monthly Salon Credit
• Medication Management
• Medical Appointment Coordination
• Respite Credits

Level 3: Dementia Care Community Near Spring Branch

At Bella Groves, we partner with families through every step of their memory care journey. We created a community where people living with dementia can feel safe, valued, and loved. Our beautiful ranch-style memory care residence, just south of Spring Branch, is the kind of place we would want our own family members to live.

Our Bulverde community is home to expert caregivers who deliver the best support and compassionate care available. Our commitment to exceptional care extends to everything that we do. As a result, our staffing ratio is among the best in Texas. While most memory care communities require four hours of dementia training, our expert team is taken through a 13-week orientation program.

We are called to do more, to give more – because a person living with dementia deserves more.

In addition to living in our full-time memory care community, Bella Groves residents receive access to benefits designed to enhance their experience, build their confidence and independence, and fill their days with kindness and joy.

• 4-to-1 Staffing Ratio
• Daily Care Services
• Personalized Assessments & Care Plan
• Bella Groves Learning Center
• Three Meals A Day + Snacks
• Internet and Cable
• Life Enrichment Programs
• Dementia Coaching
• On-Site Salon Services


Dementia care is a collaborative care experience. We are here to help.

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