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Reimagining Jobs in Senior Living

Selfie of Bella Groves Team-Dementia Care in San Antonio, Texas

The senior living industry has a workforce problem. Most estimates show a greater than 100% turnover rate across the industry as a whole. The harsh reality is that caregivers change over multiple times a year at most care facilities.

Our CEO started his senior living career in 2008 as a caregiver making $8.00/hour. We understand that great care begins with having great caregivers. Bella Groves’ founders have a vision of how to take care of seniors by truly creating value for the frontline heroes of our profession.

Hourly Wages in Senior Living

Literally, ask any caregiver. Pay matters.

Bella Groves $15+ Profit Sharing and Longevity Bonuses. Retail $13.02. Fast Food $10.53. Senior Living $10.04. Minimum Wage $7.25

2020 hourly wage data for Fast Food and Retail are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Senior Living caregivers wages in Texas are calculated by aggregating stats from job sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and wage data sites like

Caregivers should be fairly generously compensated for their work. Period.

Dementia Training Isn’t an Event.
It’s a Way of Life.

We have all been through the frustration of not receiving the tools we need to be successful in our jobs. In memory care, there is a lack of training and education on how to care for those living with dementia. At Bella Groves, all team members are immersed in a 13-week dementia training as part of their onboarding and retention criteria. That means you must meet our minimal standard for demonstrating key, fundamental skills in dementia care within the first 90 days. Team members who “graduate” from this training can expect to receive ongoing learning support through our proprietary dementia methodology and curriculum called Go With The F.L.O.W.™.

Bella Groves Dementia Training

Oh, by the way, you won’t just receive learning content. For those of you who have the skills, you’ll help develop our learning content too. Think there’s no such thing as a flexible or remote job as a caregiver in memory care? For some of you, this could be a career game changer. Interested?

Caregiver in Scrubs

What Genuinely Makes Us Different?

  • High staffing ratio (4 to 1)
  • Local owners and leaders
  • Profit Sharing
  • Inventing New Jobs

We’ll Put You First. You Put Residents and Families First. Deal?

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