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07-01-2024 Bella Groves

Recognizing and Preventing Dementia Caregiver Burnout

Caring for someone with dementia is an act of love and immense patience. However, the unique challenges of dementia care can place a heavy burden on even the most resilient individuals, leading to caregiver burnout. Recognizing and preventing this burnout is crucial for the caregiver’s well-being and the quality of care provided to their loved…
06-15-2024 Bella Groves

Planning for the Future After a Dementia Diagnosis

From the moment someone you love is diagnosed with dementia, the road ahead feels daunting. This is where care begins – with understanding, planning, and nurturing. Bella Groves is proud to serve as a trusted ally in your dementia journey and is dedicated to not only offering exceptional memory care in San Antonio but also…
06-01-2024 Bella Groves

What is Synapse Retrogenesis?

Watching someone we love live with dementia can be an overwhelming experience, especially when faced with the gradual fading of their cognitive abilities. Dementia is characterized by a decline in memory, thinking, and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life. One of the underlying processes of this decline is synapse retrogenesis, a…
05-15-2024 Bella Groves

Volunteering and Dementia Care: How Those Living with Dementia Can Give Back

In a world that often underestimates the capabilities of individuals living with dementia, the notion of volunteering and giving back may seem like a far-fetched dream. It challenges a societal concept that older adults, especially those with cognitive conditions, can only be the recipients of care, never its givers.  But the truth is both powerful…
05-01-2024 Bella Groves

Do Seniors with Alzheimer’s Need a Neurologist?

Dementia is a condition that touches the lives of millions, and the impact it carries is immeasurable. Those who are navigating the complexities of dementia face a unique set of challenges—ones that often require expert guidance and care.  At Bella Groves, our dementia education resources aim to provide families and individuals with the information they…
04-15-2024 Bella Groves

Benefits of Spring Cleaning: How to Promote Safety and Mental Wellness

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting off the winter frost; it’s a powerful ritual that can breathe new life and order into our spaces. For those caring for a person living with dementia, this annual custom holds even greater significance. The act of decluttering, organizing, and refreshing surroundings can promote not just physical safety but…
04-01-2024 Bella Groves

5 Things to Do Every Day When Providing Dementia Care

If you’ve found yourself in the role of a dementia care partner for someone you love, you’re on a journey that requires patience and empathy, and it’s important to understand that what you do every day matters profoundly in the well-being of your loved one. As a result, our Bella Groves is sharing everyday actions…
03-15-2024 Bella Groves

Intergenerational Activities in Dementia Care

Bridging generational gaps is one of the primary keys to creating an inclusive and progressive environment on a larger scale in our society, and the fusion of so many different perspectives, experiences, and ideas can create long-lasting bonds of trust and respect.  When it comes to intergenerational activities in dementia care, it’s been proven that…
03-01-2024 Bella Groves

Facts and Figures: The Impact of Dementia

When someone you love receives a dementia diagnosis, the first step you should take is to educate yourself on dementia to better understand what to expect in your family’s journey. It’s the best way to stay proactive and discover the tools and resources available that can help you provide or seek the best possible care…
02-15-2024 Bella Groves

The Power of Positivity in Dementia Care

Navigating dementia can be a challenging task for individuals and families. Dementia, a collective term for conditions characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking skills, can cause individuals to feel disoriented, anxious, and disconnected. It can also have the same effect on care partners and family members coping with a loved…
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