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Knowledge and understanding are powerful tools. We strive to be a trusted resource in our local communities for people impacted by dementia while being a guiding voice in the senior living industry through thought leadership and education.

01-15-2022 Bella Groves

How to Plan a Successful Outing with a Person Living with Dementia

A person living with dementia may have different reactions than expected that can be hard to explain to those who aren’t familiar with dementia. As a care partner, you want to feel like you have the situation under control, but some things may be out of your control when on an outing. In these situations,…
01-01-2022 Bella Groves

What is Sundowning Behavior? Understanding Late-Day Confusion

If you are caring for someone living with dementia, you might notice that they become more irritable or confused during the late afternoon or evening. No, you are not imagining it; it’s an actual occurrence called sundowning.  Sundowning can cause individuals living with dementia to feel more restless, agitated, or confused. These expressions typically coincide…
12-15-2021 Bella Groves

Ways to Create a Positive Holiday Season for a Person Living with Dementia

The holidays are a meaningful time, full of festive events, breathtaking lights and decorations, and joyful reminders of family and loved ones. After all, there’s a reason the songs call it the “most wonderful time of the year!”
12-01-2021 Bella Groves

Dementia-Friendly Holiday Activities to Enjoy in San Antonio

For many, the holidays are full of bright lights, gatherings, and fun decorations. For others, though, these same activities can set a different tone. For a person living with dementia—bright lights, gatherings, and fun decorations can become distressing lights, confusing crowds, or frustrating overstimulation. 
11-15-2021 Bella Groves

Does Medicare Pay for Dementia Care?

An estimated 65 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, the majority of which are over 65 and eligible for Medicare services. However, Medicare only covers some of the services that these individuals will need as the disease progresses. This discrepancy creates a gap between the care people need and the care they are receiving under…
11-01-2021 Bella Groves

What Does Your Resident Cost Cover at Bella Groves?

Over six million Americans live with some form of dementia, each requiring hours of care and attention a day. This means that there are billions of hours spent on dementia care in the United States alone. If you translate these hours into money, the worldwide cost of dementia care is approximately one trillion dollars. If…
10-15-2021 Bella Groves

Bella Groves’ Commitment to Care: Solving the Employee Turnover Problem in Senior Living

At Bella Groves, we are problem-solvers. But we don’t just try to solve problems within our community or even the local San Antonio community. Instead, we look at problems from an industry level – what are the issues impacting senior living and dementia care facilities? 
10-01-2021 Bella Groves

“Why is Grandma Acting Different?”: Explaining a Dementia Diagnosis to a Child

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be overwhelming—you want to start planning for care, tend to your family member’s emotional needs, and think about the future. You might be so overwhelmed with everything going on that you forget about the children in the family. They need support during this time, too. 
09-27-2021 Bella Groves

Hearing Loss: Here’s What You Should Know

By: Hannah Calame, Director of Dementia Programs at Bella Groves Many changes take place as one gets older, and one of those changes can involve hearing loss. This is the most common condition that affects individuals during the aging process. It’s estimated that 50% of those 75 years and older will experience hearing loss, and…
09-15-2021 Bella Groves

You Just Received a Dementia Diagnosis. Now What?

You haven’t been feeling yourself for a while now—having trouble focusing while balancing your checkbook or forgetting the route to the grocery store. You finally made a doctor’s appointment, and that’s when you get the news – you have dementia.