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Bella Groves’ award-winning memory care community is a place like no other, and we invite you to experience it for yourself. Our small home model is an intentional setting for families looking for a more personalized and uplifting approach. You won’t just get updates like at other memory care facilities; at Bella Groves, you remain a vital and important leader in your loved one’s life and care in their new home. We go well beyond basic care (that’s a given), and focus on joy, belonging, and purposefulness.

We know other communities guard or give “starting at” pricing and later add on confusing care rates and other fees. Our transparent pricing is a flat, all-inclusive monthly rate of $7,800. While we are above the market average on monthly rates, when you visit and talk to our families here, you’ll see why. Higher staffing ratios and a 13-week dementia training and orientation for all staff (vs. the required 4 hours in most places) help you and your family experience joy and peace of mind again. Our local and frequently on-site owners ensure that every aspect of daily life at Bella Groves is personal and heartfelt.

We know dementia care is a collaborative care experience. We work with families, friends, providers, and members of the greater San Antonio community to create joyful moments for those affected by dementia.

This is a place you have to feel to believe. Come on over. You’ll experience the difference right away. Call us today at (830) 282-1608 or fill out the form.

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5-Star Google Rating

Jay MasonJay Mason
22:35 04 May 24
I worked here for 3 through gig pro. . I was hired as a line cook for temporary help. The kitchen was clean but raw chicken was on the top shelf dripping over and contaminating everything underneath. My third day raw bacon was left on shelf dripping no bag no container just left dripping over other products. Very discussing and a majorhealth violation. On the third day which I was not coming as I booked three shifts in a row. The meals they wanted me to prepare I had no ingredients to make it. Had to wait for items to arrive which came a hour before time for residents time to eat. Had to rush to make dishes. Owner showed up around 1hour and half before my shift ended. He ask me how I like it there. I explained I didn’t like this place and how it was operated he and I would not book here again. He immediately responded you can just leave now. I did 😎. I gave him a honest answer and respectfully told him what I didn’t like about the place. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Live or work. I did everything my app said I would be doing plus a lot more. I’m reporting this place to the health department as well. Much better places to work and be treated with respect than working here. Residents deserve better meal. Bacon served every day heart attack special. Needs healthy cooking not extremely greasy foods. I received compliments about the dishes I made from the residents on how good everything was. The staff that served them said that the residents have never gave a compliments about the food before. Staff cook the breakfast in the morning and left all this product. Poor management as you can see making excuses as I was hired to be a line cook and blaming me for his staff and lack of knowledge on food safety who kept putting raw meats where the don’t belong. Fridge and freezer is too small to accommodate 17 residents needs. Kitchen was kept cleaned and organized as I received it. I only work there 3 days. Poor management blaming a new line cook for there employees who kept putting raw chicken and bacon where it doesn’t belong. I’m not a manager or Executive chef that works there. But clearly the owner believes I was and my responsibility to tell his employees to not place raw meat where it doesn’t belong. It’s been an ongoing problem. On my last day I did say something to the morning shift employee who does the breakfast cooking ( Not me and I wasn’t there) and her response was I know who did this. I will talk to her. Owner had no excuse for his lack of leadership and poorly management who couldn’t even have the right ingredients for what they wanted me to make. I was always professional and meet the owner in less then 5 minutes he ask me to leave. They have zero recipes at this place while I had to be an Executive chef at a line cook salary. Definitely don’t want this job. It’s a dead end job with no room for advancement in the kitchen. Low pay and fire happy owner if you say you don’t care for the place and I would not book here again. I’m a independent contractor who books gigs not his employees. That’s how everything started. Crazy to be treated like this when you worked hard and made amazing tasting dishes with ingredients arriving last minute or lack of because they didn’t have it. Good luck working here. No issues or problems with the staff or the manager. They all was nice but the owner on the other hand is a different breed. Staff said welcome to the nightmare. I see now.
Meg ButchartMeg Butchart
21:19 19 Apr 24
I simply love Bella Groves! My mom had lived in 6 different care facilities between Minnesota and Texas over the past 18 months. When I found James Lee and the entire staff at Bella Groves, I knew we had found the right fit. She has been living at Bella Groves since early October 2023, and the difference it has made in all of our lives is profound! I consider this group of people a true extension of my own family, and the care they provide to my mom is leaps and bounds better than any other place she has lived. Bella Groves provides a safe, warm, bright, fun, stimulating, family-like setting where my mom feels independent and comfortable. I wish we had found them sooner, but had we not experienced the other six options, we truly wouldn't appreciate the amazing environment she has now. I recommend them without hesitation or question!
Lori MoczygembaLori Moczygemba
23:53 13 Feb 24
I wrote the following review a couple of months into mom’s placement at Bella Groves. Mom just recently passed away, but after being at Bella Groves 18 months, we know now what a Godsend it was to find James and his staff. Mom was well taken care of, and while we appreciated that so much, the better part was that she was LOVED! We knew it and SHE knew it. What a blessing that is! If you are in search of a loving, caring, community beyond what seems “normal”, look no further. BG goes above and beyond, and we are indebted to the staff and James for thinking “outside the box” and doing better for our elderly. I cannot say enough about the care mom received in her last years. Thank you, Bella Groves, from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️Mom is happy and safe. That is more than we could ever hope for. Believe me, we’ve had some terrible experiences, with a chain facility (big corporate) and a personal care home who only wanted her sedated. We are happy with Bella Groves, so far. (Mom’s been there exactly 2 months.)
Robert WelchRobert Welch
20:14 18 Jan 24
Bella Groves is a beautiful retirement community where older individuals who are living with dementia can find a loving home and support group. We have had the opportunity to partner together with Bella Groves to give these residents an opportunity to build a small wood craft at our shop, The Vintage Barn. Both Kayla Dudley, who works directly with these residents, and James Lee, the owner of Bella Groves, have showed professionalism and kindness to their residents as they seek to find activities that would make their lives more meaningful. We have had many fun scheduled events together here at The Vintage Barn where we have had the chance to get to know and love these residents. Bella Groves does a fantastic job of helping make the lives of their residents like family.
Leticia RodelaLeticia Rodela
21:54 03 Jan 24
Beautiful facility with caring staff who understand the resident's and family needs. Responsive, involved, and caring management.
Evelyn LeeEvelyn Lee
19:09 05 Dec 23
Bella Groves is an absolutely amazing community.I will forever be grateful for the outstanding dementia care that my grandmother received in her last few months here.The caregivers were all so kind and thoughtful, getting to know my grandmother and family very personally. There was always consistent communication, helpful dementia education, and so much JOY shared every day.My family could not have asked for a sweeter experience or more perfect home for her.
Lee Ann MageeLee Ann Magee
14:02 19 Oct 23
Our mother recently passed away after living at Bella Groves for a little over a year. Prior to moving her there, we had 24/7 in-home caretakers. She had always let us know that she wanted to stay in her home, but as her dementia progressed, we began to question whether this was really in her best interest. It was very difficult to go "against" her wishes, but we made the decision to look into memory care facilities. We visited several in the San Antonio area, but none seemed to be a good fit. A family friend whose loved one had actually been a resident in a few, recommended that we visit Bella Groves. We were impressed with the ratio of caretakers to residents, and how they interacted with the residents. The owner explained his unique approach to caring for those living with dementia and giving them a sense of purpose again. Mom moved in and it quickly became her home. We enjoyed visiting her there and her smiles told us we had made the right decision. Bella Groves IS different, it is truly a community of residents, their families and staff.
Lynda HalloranLynda Halloran
17:38 15 Apr 23
I was faced with an unhappy Alzheimer’s resident, my husband, living in a facility that was not the right fit. We are so happy we moved to Bella Groves. James Lee, the owner, and his staff, were able to provide a home like, warmer setting, delicious home cooked meals, a compassionate trained staff in a super clean and brightEnvironment. The staff encourages many activities and interacts with the residents often. My husband is so much more content and behaviors that were problematic are diminishing or disappearing.We like the smiles, hugs, and movement that define Bella Groves.Lynda H.
Irene KonzenIrene Konzen
12:52 12 Apr 23
I am so thankful we found Bella Groves Memory Care for my mother. The care that is given to her and all the residents is beyond my expectations. Mom is rarely in her room when I visit, but out in the community areas where the caregivers have residents engaged in activities, instead. They've had my mom painting, coloring, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing Bingo ( all of which she has forgotten that she never liked to do), playing games or sitting outside in their beautiful fenced yard. My grandchildren love going there and visiting "GG" and her friends. We are definitely all family there. If you are looking for a MC facility for a loved one, I highly recommend checking out Bella Groves. It is a safe, loving environment.
Arant FamilyArant Family
22:24 02 Mar 23
My Dad has been living at Bella Groves for almost seven months now. He is thriving physically and mentally as a resident. Although this is a secure home, the caregivers take him on regular walks, which is one of his favorite things to do. This gesture is very meaningful to us. He also is always looking forward to eating. He told me recently that eating is one of the few pleasures he has left, so I am grateful that eating at Bella Groves is just that for him. In addition, my Dad is genuinely cared for. He is not a social person, but at Bella Groves he is comfortable enough to try. This does not happen by accident. It is clear that great care and thought has been taken to create this environment. And, more recently he has referred to his fellow residents as family. If you are considering a dementia care community for your loved one, I would highly recommend you check out Bella Groves. I consider this decision one of the hardest things I have had to do, and they sure have made it easier with their level of support and care every step of the way.
Audra HughesAudra Hughes
19:11 04 Feb 23
I knew having to put my dad in an assisted living facility was going to be hard and finding a place was going to be even harder. Bella Groves was my first stop, and much to my surprise, it was a godsend. I knew that I didn't have to look any further. The staff there is extremely kind. You feel welcome the second you walk in the door. I've been told by numerous staff members that my dad is a sweetheart and very helpful. He seems content and at home there. That is so reassuring that the decision to put him in Bella Groves, was the right one. Thank you to Bella Groves for all that you do to make my father feel right at home.
Kathleen SmithKathleen Smith
13:53 06 Jan 23
Bella Groves has been a tremendous Godsend to our family as we have searched for the best place for my Mother in Law, who has suffered from Dementia for about 10 years. She has lived in 3 other Senior Care homes, but Bella Groves has far succeeded those living experiences. The personal attention for each resident is genuine. My Mother in Law is happier and more secure because she knows she can trust and loves those who are caring for her everyday. One sweet example of the genuine attention, for us, is that a Caregiver took home an extensive book my Mother in Law had written about her life and family, read it all in one evening and then brought it back to read to the other residents and my Mother In Law. They even used it as a spring board for discussion activities with the whole group.The entire Bella Groves team displays a passion about Dementia, and how it effects the whole person and family. They are committed to teaching all who interact with their residents about Dementia and the best ways to help and give them dignity.One last note of very practical importance. They have a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene for their residents and in their facility. The cleaning routine is very thorough, professional, and systematic and uses healthy and quality products. This to me is one more indication of the the attention to detail and high quality of care given at Bella Groves.
Norma LopezNorma Lopez
15:12 07 Sep 22
Hello I visited Bella Grove today. It’s a lovely clean smelling place. It’s brand new and the owner is hands on and great person. He really cares about his residents and staff.
Michael MoyeMichael Moye
14:07 02 Aug 22
This is me speaking from not stepping foot inside of Bella Groves but for anyone reading this - in particular, a prospective family looking for a loved one, Bella Groves is a very well thought out, intentional community that strives not only to create quality of life for the residents but also for their team members. If I had family members in the Bulverde area, I wouldn't have to visit to trust this community with a loved one. Their core leadership does things right, as reflected in their business model to help serve loved ones who are dealing with memory impairment earlier on. Well done to the Bella Groves team.
Rosalie LuensmannRosalie Luensmann
17:03 01 Aug 22
Having a love one who is suffering from dementia and who's safety is jeopardized has been one of the most difficult times for our family. As a family , we decided that a memory care facility was the safest choice for our loved one. We looked everywhere and even experienced other facilities. Bella Groves was the best choice for our loved one.We like most that every person that works here is caring and compassionate. They truly treat you like you are part of a family. You sense their sincerity.Our loved one has one on one attention that is tailored to her needs and interests.Each visit, we can see what activities she has been involved in.It is beyond words to articulate how comforting it is to know your loved one is being cared for in a loving atmosphere.
Derek LuensmannDerek Luensmann
15:53 28 Jul 22
Going through dementia with a loved one is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. After interviewing several places and trying a few out we were a little disappointed until we found Bella Groves. Their philosophy of personalized service and focus on the residents was exactly what we were hoping to find. James and his staff have been fantastic every step of the way and always listen to the needs and concerns of both the resident and their family. The employees and administration communicate and create a caring and trusting atmosphere that leads to the residents being a part of their “family”. We are so thankful we found a place like Bella Groves.
Carl WaltersCarl Walters
21:03 10 Jun 22
My dad (88 yrs old with dementia) has been at Bella Groves for three weeks now, and both he and our family couldn't be more pleased with the facility, quality of care and attention that he is receiving there.He had previously been in a good sized assisted care facility but his declining condition necessitated a speedy move into a memory care facility. I had toured a few of the better rated memory care facilities in the area but left each one feeling in my heart that I would be turning him over to be warehoused and parked in front of a tv for most of the time, and that there has to be someplace out there that better understands the needs and challenges of those suffering from dementia and memory loss.I did a google search for other facilities in our area, and Bella Groves popped up-they great website with a wealth of information about their community and their vision.. I called up and was able to speak with Angela right away and set up a tour of the facility and a meeting with them the next day. What a godsend! I could tell immediately that this facility was going to be different than any of the prior ones (4) that my dad had been in- no corporate, bottom line driven mentality anymore...just folks who genuinely love what they're doing and are passionate about making each day of the lives of those entrusted to their care as positive and fulfilling as possible.The process of getting my dad moved in to Bella Groves was smooth and easy-James, Angela and the staff there helped facilitate the process with relative ease. I was always able to speak with someone either immediately on the phone, or would receive a prompt call back and answer to my many questions leading up to the move in.I'm blessed in that I reside within 10 minutes of the facility and can visit dad frequently. It is both encouraging and heartwarming to see that whenever I pop in to visit dad that not once have I encountered him sitting in his room alone. I have always found him out in one the beautiful community areas interacting with the other residents and staff in some way- doing group exercise, working on crossword or jigsaw puzzles, painting, walking as a group outside or just relaxing and conversing on the front or back patio. He is sometimes so happy and focused on what they are doing that I will just come back at a later time so not as to take him from the joy of that moment :-) .If you are looking for a safe, loving environment for your loved one I highly recommend touring and meeting with the folks here before you make your decision-it has truly been an answer to my prayers.
Denise StraussDenise Strauss
15:14 22 May 22
Finding a community for my uncle where he can experience meaning in this season of his life was a priority for me when looking for a memory care facility. Bella Groves is a blessing for my uncle and for our family. The staff is engaged and responsive and truly cares about the well-being of the residents. I absolutely encourage anyone looking for an assisted living/memory facility to explore all that Bella Groves has to offer. I sleep easier at night thanks to Bella Groves.
Deborah WiegandDeborah Wiegand
03:10 20 May 22
James and his team at Bella Groves have been a godsend to our family. We searched far and wide for a special place for our mom. Their attention to the whole person living with dementia is refreshing. Their focus on what brings her meaning, purpose, and most of all JOY cannot be emphasized enough. These are true professionals with expertise in caring for those living with dementia in a dignified manner. I could not be more impressed and I’ve worked in this field for 35 years.
Sarah CarothersSarah Carothers
17:51 07 Feb 22
Bella Groves is so much more than a memory care community. They are a dynamic group of people who have come together and reinvented the way we approach dementia. Person-centered, tangible education, allows loved ones to be a part of the process instead of apart from each other. Grass-roots network of specialized programs in the surrounding community focuses on providing high quality experiences for all involved. These people love what they do and you will feel that from the first interaction you have with them.
Jason DeCesariJason DeCesari
00:41 07 Feb 22
The team at Bella Groves is taking an innovative approach to caring for people living with dementia and their loved ones. Providing care for the basic needs of the person is standard but providing education, support, and quality of life to the circle around the person living with dementia is special. As a healthcare provider with 10+ years working with older adults I would not hesitate to have the Bella Groves team care for my family. I have had the opportunity to work alongside this team and have been proud to do so.
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Dementia is extremely difficult for everyone.

But, we promise you, you are not alone.

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